Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

$ 39.00 $ 59.00

Smart Wi-Fi Camera with Smartphone control and alerts.

HD video, PTZ rotation, Night Vision, Motion Detection and Tracking, Dual Audio and Recording.

  • Easy to install and use with free "Smart Life" App.

  • Smartphone control and security alerts for multiple users.

  • 1080p HD with 355° - 110° PTZ rotating head and 4 x zoom.

  • Night vision with 6 IR lights, automated or manual. 

  • Motion detection is adjustable and accurate, no false alarms.

  • Motion tracking head can follow and record moving objects.

  • Recording to micro sd card and/or cloud, *both optional*

  • Dual audio listen & talk live.

  • View 4 cameras at once.

  • Works with our Alarm Systems, Video Doorbell and Sensors in same App!