Smart Wi-Fi Alarm Sensors

$ 9.99

Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System Sensors.

Compact design, easy installation, strong wireless signal.

Select motion detectors, door/window sensors and remotes now!

  • Sensors pair quick and easy with our Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System.

  • Motion Sensors utilize intelligent MCU processing with 26ft detection range, 110 degree viewing angle, low battery light, mounting bracket and 9V battery (included).

  • Door/Window Sensors are small and stylish with super strong wireless signal up to 250ft, low battery light, double sided tape for easy installation and 23A/12V battery (included).

  • Remote Controls are the perfect size for key chains with sliding cover to prevent accidental triggers, strong wireless signal, SOS button and LED indicator lights.

  • Please see our Smart Wifi Alarm System for full details!